Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Oscar is no Grouch - trading with ATBATT

Sorry for the awful title. I'm especially sorry to Oscar. He'll probably never trade with me again.

Anyhow, I recently made my first trade with Oscar of “All TradeBait, All The Time.” I had a ’58 Topps Carl Furillo he wanted. The centerpiece of the deal for me was this 1959 Topps Enos Slaughter. The card is a beaut and is in great condition:

Not far behind the Slaughter was this ’75 Topps Mickey Mantle/Maurey Wills MVP card. I have seen these cards a lot, but never pulled the trigger. I like how simple Topps celebration was for their 25th anniversary. Could you image what they would do now? Of course you can. 

 Here are a few more sweet cards that Oscar threw in:

Oscar, thanks again!

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  1. No reason to think we won't trade again. I just dropped a PWE in the mail today for our next trade - and looking forward to many more.

    BTW - I actually like the post title quite a bit.