Friday, February 8, 2013

New Autos - Two Cy Young Award Winners

I had the chance to add three new autographs this week. Two are from Cy Young Award winners, and one is from a Pro Bowl Wide Receiver. I wish they were on cardboard, but still pretty cool.

Here are the two baseball players - Clayton Kershaw and CC Sabathia.

And here is Megatron!


  1. Dude!?! To use the language of our times - SICK! I'm sure these come with some great stories.

    CC is HIGH on my list (one of my failures from last year's Spring TTM efforts - a ROMLB loss, no less). He won a game on my son't birthday, so I have a goal to get his signature and the opposing pitcher's signature on a ball (not necessarily the same one - but that wouldbe cool...).

    You'll be able to make some VERY cool memorabilia pieces with those, if you ever wanted to. Find a great 8x10, place the auto in a cut-out box right beneath and frame it up "real nice, Clark".

    Congrats, buddy!