Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stepping away from eBay for Lent

I have splurged on eBay a bit. After winning a Maris and a Rizzuto jersey card, I am going to step away from eBay for a bit. It's too easy to get sucked in and spend aimlessly. There are a thousand cards that I want, but little purchases all add up quickly. $5 here, $7 there.

Part of the issue is how easy it is to access eBay on my phone through the app. It's so simple to just surf and bid. So for Lent, I have decided to not only give up sweets and soda (because I'm 12 years old), but also to stop surfing eBay for cards. The cards there aren't going anywhere, so to speak. When I log back in in a few months, I'll continue my search for a '52 Rizzuto. But for now, if one comes along at a decent price, I won't feel bad and kick myself. There will be others.



  1. My girlfriend once suggested I give up alcohol for lent. We made a compromise - I just gave up that particular girlfriend, period.

  2. Come on, just get a little bit more.. You know you want it. Just buy a little bit more and then stop. All the cool kids do it. I'll even pay for the next one.

  3. Wow... good luck with that. I'm giving up candy, soda, and Starbucks. But here's the kicker... I'm not even religious. I did it because I have several friends who are doing it and figured it might help me lose a few pounds.