Saturday, February 23, 2013

Michael Cuddyer scolded by Killebrew

I read a story this morning about how Michael Cuddyer used to have an illegible autograph. However, at an autograph signing, he was scolded by Harmon Killebrew, who had one of the nicest, neatest signatures ever. The end result? This is what Cuddyer's signature now looks like. He signed this TTM for me a few years ago.

Check out the story/video here:


  1. Great story! I've always liked Harmon Killebrew and Cuddy, and now there's even more reason to.

  2. Ditto. If only there were more like them.

  3. Killebrew told something similar to Torii Hunter. I wrote about it when Killebrew passed:

  4. I went to a couple of Brooklyn Cyclones games last year and you could tell that some of the guys had put a lot of thought into how they would sign their autographs, with lots of stylized flourishes and whatnot. But if they didn't include their number, good luck figuring out whose autograph you have.

    I wish more players had legible signatures... but it's only going to get worse - I had penmanship classes in school, but in a few more years will school kids still do anything with pen or pencil & paper? Laptop computers & iPads already seem to be taking over in the wealthier districts.