Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A new trade partner to the rescue!

In a recent post, I mentioned that I stupidly did not have a 2017 Topps Aaron Judge RC. When I got my team set during spring training, I sent each card away for a TTM signature, and never replaced the Judge. I figured I’d get the Judge back in a trade package or two, but then something happened.

He became Aaron Freakin’ Judge.

Prices went up. Not crazy, but the card routinely goes for over $5, which is obviously quite a bit for a run of the mill base card. After eBay shipping and whatnot, I was probably going to end up dropping $7 or $8 on it.

Then you guys all came to the rescue.

The first was Matt from Summer of ’74, admittedly a blog I had just found out about. If you don't follow him, you should. He was kind enough to offer up the Judge, as well as some other Yanks. I’m always down for another trading partner, so I quickly said yes.
Matt delivered! And now I have this…again. But this time it’s not going anywhere.

Accompanying the Judge was a team bag loaded with Yankees.

While their drafts have been stellar, two of the Yankees top three picks from 2015 aren’t quite working out. James Kaprielian (Round 1, 16 overall), while tremendously talented, is on the shelf after TJ surgery shortly after Spring Training. Jeff Degano (Round 2, 57 overall) is a lefty from Indiana State who had a lot of success in college, but then seemed to develop a case of the yips and couldn’t find the plate last year. As far as I know, he is still back in extended spring training this year. I really hope Kaprielian is able to come back 100%, as he is a very likeable kid with a great make up and bulldog mentality, and someone who was close to being a major part of this new youth movement. He just might have to be a part of it a little later than planned, that’s all.
This Sparky Lyle is super cool. I don’t think I’ve seen that photo.
Speaking of unseen photos, I don’t recognize this one of The Mick either. It feels really clear and high quality compared to some of this other photos. He was a total badass, that’s for sure, and looks great on an ’87 design.

As does Jeter! I‘ll always add more Jeters to the collection.

Thanks, Matt! Really appreciate the cards. I’ll hit you back momentarily.