Sunday, June 25, 2017


What a weird post title, but couldn't resist the urge to make it something completely incoherent. But some of you will get it!

I was fortunate enough to participate in Oscar's version of the Big Fun Game over at All Trade Bait All The Time.

I came away with a lot of football cards. The Mike Williams auto is cool since he's a Syracuse guy, although his off-the-field issues derailed his career - both collegiate and professional.
I'll likely use this Peyton Manning for a TTM request, as he signs for a small fee and I didn't have a card of him.
Here are the rest of the football cards, including an autograph of Pro Bowler Lavonte David. The HOF players will end up in my son's HOF binder.
I was also lucky enough to win two prizes during the contest. I didn't have this sweet vintage Yankee:
And then a bunch of packs of Babe Ruth cards. My 5-year-old loves The Babe from the movie Everyone's Hero, and often asks me for Babe Ruth cards. This helps replenish my stock to reward him!
Oscar, very generous of you to run the game. Thank you!


  1. Replies
    1. That's a great compliment from the big daddy of trading :)

  2. This is the only Peyton card I've seen where he isn't holding a football.
    KiJana Carter was supposed to be the greatest RB of all time before being drafted. As a Steelers fan and using sarcasm "Shucks. Shame that didn't work out for the Bengals"

  3. Thanks for playing. You were the king of the bonus prizes.