Thursday, June 22, 2017

Two special rookies, one card

Man, the year of the rookie!
These two guys are really creating quite a commotion in the baseball world. They are not only ROY of the candidates, but legitimate MVP candidates.

And guess what? It's a good thing. A great thing! It's not secret baseball is failing to attract young fans and viewers. That may be a surprise to many of us, but it's important to remember how few people read our blogs (no offense) and are part of our Twitter circles. We might think we're surrounded by baseball nuts, but it's not reflective of the actual population of sports fans.

A recent SBJ feature showed the average age of an MLB viewer to be 57. That's a number that's too high if baseball is going to continue to prosper. And young players like Bellinger and Judge have a great opportunity to capture the attention of fans of all ages.

Hopefully they both take part in the HR Derby and put on a show in the actual All-Star Game.

While many eyes, mine included, will be watching the NBA Draft tonight, you can't help but wonder what Judge will do each AB. I'll be flipping over whenever he is due up.

Stealing eyeballs from other sporting events is good thing. Let's hope these great stories continue all season long.

And I sure am glad to have this Topps NOW card featuring the two of them.


  1. If I'd known that Bellinger was going to be this insane I'd have splurged on his $30+ BoChro auto last year.

  2. Great card. Not a huge Topps Now guy, but if I found an affordable copy, I'd add it to my collection.