Monday, June 26, 2017

A tin of Jordans

How many people had this baseball card tin growing up? I seem to remember getting it in the early ‘90s, and that it came with a few random packs of cards in it. It’s remained in my collection for over 25 years, and I frequently changed the contents growing up.

In high school, I think I put all of my Michael Jordan cards in there, and that’s still what resides in the tin today. I have all of my Jordans stashed in there, as a few are in top loaders, and the more common are in a few teams bags, which is stupid because it’s been thrown around over the years, so the lesser Jordan cards basically all have dinged corners.

Here are a few of my favorite MJ’s from within the tin.
This is the greatest basketball card I own. I received a box of 1995-96 Fleer Ultra for Christmas in ’95. It was a great set, and these Gold Medallions fell one per pack. They were awesome, with the full gold background. The 1996 baseball set had these as well. This was right after Jordan came back to the NBA as well, and to me, is just an iconic card from and iconic time for basketball cards. I’m so glad this card fell out of that box.
There was also this cool Double Trouble insert from the same set. What I liked about the inserts is that they could also include the Gold Medallion emblem, which increased the rarity and “book value.” I think I remember Beckett using a 3-5x multiplier for the Gold Medallion versions.
The ‘90s had some wacky inserts, as we all know. Number Crunchers from Hoops were pretty cool!
Fleer Metal was – and is – badass. This was from the Nuts & Bolts subset.
I’ve professed my love for Upper Deck Collector’s Choice You Crash The Game many times, and luckily still have the ’95-’96 redemption sets in both silver and gold. I always loved the shot of Jordan shooting the jumper in the Bulls’ black uniforms.
Collector’s Choice silver and gold sigs were fun too!
This was the first Jordan I actually pulled straight from a pack! It was from my Christmas stocking.
And of course, I have some MJ baseball cards. The ’91 Upper Deck SP is a classic. I lusted after this card in my cousin’s binder for years, and finally when he moved houses, he gave me this card, along with a binder with the complete 1989 Topps set.
I also have this cool oversized card of MJ from when he returned. I think it came from one of those repacks – an assortment of packs and a commemorative card.
Lastly, in seventh grade, I smelled pretty damn good, let me tell you. Why? Because I rocked Michael Jordan cologne. This is the official pin that came with my purchase.

So while it may say “Baseball Card Tin”, this is really a tin full of the greatest basketball player ever.


  1. To be fair, there are SOME baseball cards in there; so it's not completely misleading.

    As a Chicagoan who grew up in the 90's, seeing all these Jordan cards makes me envious!

  2. Good stuff! I'm still chasing that Gold Medallion myself. I was always disappointed that it was only done in series 1.

  3. Love seeing MJ on a baseball card. I recently sifted through my MJ collection and was shocked at some of the prices some of the inserts were fetching. If that Ultra Gold Medallion doesn't have any chips, it could end up fetching a decent dime. Jordan guys love 90's parallels. I know... I'm one of them.