Saturday, June 10, 2017

Random Listia Autos - Part 17

I won’t lie, these posts are not well read. But it’s ok, because it’s fun for me to show off a few of these autographs that fall well outside of my collecting focus, while also quickly revisiting a player’s career.
For example, I didn’t know Jim Deshaies was drafted by and debuted as a Yankee. Had no clue. He had a good career as a pitcher and has really established himself as a broadcaster. I also love the card, as the ’87 Topps '86 Record Breakers are underrated. I vividly remember the Dwight Evans. It’s pretty cool that Deshaies still holds the record (along with Jacob DeGrom) for most consecutive strikeouts to start a game. That feat also occurred on my birthday! He struck out the first 8 batters to start the game. I was going to say that it was wimpy that he didn’t strike out the pitcher in the nine-hole, but the Dodgers actually sent up a pinch hitter, Larry See, who popped out to second.
Here’s a cool signature of Orlando Palmeiro. I did check to see if he is related to Rafael. He is not, from what I can tell. He had a nice Big League career over 13 seasons, mostly as a backup outfielder and pinch hit extraordinaire. He currently ranks 9th all time with 120 pinch hits. Some guys really know how to carve out a roll! Palmeiro won the World Series with Anaheim in 2002, and also was a member of the Astros NL pennant winning club in 2005.
Lee Lacy has a great signature! So clean and simple. Did you know his real name is Leondaus? I sure didn’t. He had a 16-year career, playing for the Dodgers twice, the Braves, Pirates, and Orioles. He won a World Series in 1979 with the Pirates. He was also famously part of the 1985 Pittsburgh drug trials, in which he was suspended 60 days, but could continue to play if he donated 5% of his salary and did community service. Could you imagine: 1. These trials happening today? And 2. Getting off of a punishment with a certain percentage of salary and community service? I believe the world would be outraged. Imagine if that was offered to ARod? Admittedly I was 2-years-old during these trials, so curious what some of you around before me might remember from that time.

Ryan Shealy, not to be confused with Ryon Healy,  is a player from the mid-2000s I don’t remember. He had some pop in the minors, although it never really translated into ML power. He hit 29 HRs in 2004 in AA, then another 26 in AAA before getting called up by the Rockies and hitting .330 in 91 ABs. He was then traded to Kansas City, where he played for three seasons batting .260 with 17 homers over those three years. Also, while many complain about prospects being photoshopped into ML uniforms, I think it's a lot better than this alternative, which is impossible to tell what organization he belongs to.
Woody Williams is a guy who is hard to forget. I feel like most probably remember him as a Cardinal, although to me he always pops into mind as a Blue Jay first. He pitched for 16 seasons, and was an All-Star with St. Louis in 2003 when he won 18 games. He ended his career with 132 wins, and actually is one of 15 pitchers to beat all 30 teams. Interesting! Bonus points if you knew his name was actually Gregory Scott Williams.
I’m a big Mike Easler fan. I got a TTM success from him afew years ago, sending a card that had sentimental value. He was also one of the first Yankees I consciously remember in the mid 80s. For his career, Easler hit a very respectable .293/.349/.454 and was a 1980 All-Star with Pittsburgh. Since I already have this card signed, I’d love to pass on this copy to someone else. Please let me know if you’d like it. First to claim it gets it.

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  1. That is a very nice auto by Lee Lacy. A neater signature than I have ever had!

  2. It's funny how timing works...I have seen a couple of guys on twitter the last couple of days that are starting in attempt of completing (as much as possible) an '87T signed set.