Thursday, June 29, 2017

Series 2 Yanks!

Peter over at Baseball Every Night was generous enough to hold a Topps Series team break. I was lucky enough to snag the Yankees. I haven't bought any Series 2 yet, so this was a great chance to snag most of the Yankee base cards.

And that I did! I received 14 cards total, and the only base card that wasn't present was CC Sabathia. Not bad at all!
I was most pumped to get Michael Pineda for my PC, my 158th different card of #BIGMIKE.

Here are a few other base cards. I like the horizontal Bird. as well as the Didi. Cool pose.
I was fortunate enough to grab 4 inserts as well! The Reggie throws me off a bit with a glossy front and a cardboard back. I don't think I enjoy inconsistency inconsistent finishes like that. Maybe I'm weird though.
I joked with Peter to pull a Judge or Jeter auto. He felt very badly he didn't!
Peter, thanks so much! It was awesome of you to hold this break.


  1. I bought two packs of series 2 cuz I was stupid and actually pulled that Sabathia you need. Let me PWE it over.

  2. Peter is probably hiding a Babe Ruth cut auto that came out of the box. You know he has it.