Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cards from the Mistress

A few weeks back I sent Adam from My Cardboard Mistress a 1999 Topps Scott Brosius for his #3 collection. I wasn't expecting anything in return, but Tuesday there was an envelope in my mailbox from Adam. He sent me a nice little lot of Yanks - two A&G mini's (ARod and Mo), a Brett Gardner Bowman Chrome rookie, and a 1979 TCMA Jim DePalo. I didn't have any of these cards.

I have seen the TCMA cards on eBay, but I never owned any. And Jim DePalo....hmm, I don't remember him playing for the Yanks. I did a little research, and he was a decent prospect in the 1950's but never made it. I actually find it to be awesome that there was a card of him produced, albeit about 30 30 years after his playing days. If you look on the back, it says, "Jim had a great year, striking out 148 and walking just 97." JUST 97?!? Um, that's a lot. His control actually was what kept him out of the big leagues.

 Adam, thanks for the kind gesture of sending the cards, and for giving me an opportunity to learn about a Yankee prospect from the '50s.

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