Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TTM Success: 1953 Topps Art Schult

On Tuesday, I posted about my 1951 Topps TTM success. Yesterday, I received yet another vintage Topps card with a signature on it, this time from former Yankee Art Schult on a 1953 Topps. I won the card for $1 on eBay and all along I had the intent of sending it to Mr. Schult. He played in my hometown, Binghamton, for the 1949 and 1950 seasons, and actually put up huge numbers there. In 1950, he hit .303 with 24 HRs and over 100 RBIs. He looked like one of the next great power-hitting Yankee outfielders. Unfortunately, it never quite worked out. He made it to the bigs in 1953 with the Yanks and went hitless in 7 ABs. He then bounced around with the Reds, Senators and finally the Cubs.

Mr. Schult also answered my questions:

Where did you live when you played in Binghamton? In Johnson City near the B.P. (Cool answer! Not sure where this is, but love that he could recall this 60 years later)
How were the fans in Binghamton? The greatest.
What current player reminds you of yourself? None - they couldn't live on what we were paid. (Well then!)

If you don't own a 1953 Topps (or a 1952 for that matter), I strongly recommend picking one up. The card stock is amazing and they look great, even if they are a little beat up.


  1. Very nice! I love his answer to the third question.

  2. I'm curious did you if you included the questions on a separate sheet of paper or in your request letter and he responded? If he filled out a questionaire I'd love to see the scan of it. I just think it would be cool.

  3. I always write a hand-written note on a small sheet of 5x7. I ask the questions within the body of the note, but in bullet form so they are easy to see if the player just happens to glance at the note without really reading it. More often than not, they don't answer, but the ones who do usually answer right on my letter.

    When sending to retired players, I usually ask one to two questions about their playing days, and the last question is usually "what current player reminds you of yourself?" I've gotten some great answers to that question.