Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Want list hit: Mo Rivera game used World Series base!

I've been trying to collect the entire 2000 UD HoloGRFX A Piece of the World Series set. I love the look of these. I think they are one of the best look game-used sets, and they were created at a time when relic cards were just starting to pop up. These cards aren't easy to find, but every now and then one ends up on eBay. I now have five of the eleven cards in the set after picking up my newest addition, Mariano Rivera.

 This card is sweet. Not only does it picture Mo after getting the final out in the '99 World Series, but the base definitely has some dirt on it! None of my other four have dirt, so this is really cool.

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  1. Great card. I have the O'Neill from that set. Been trying to get the Tino for my Tino PC.