Saturday, April 30, 2011

Topps Opening Day Mascot Addition!!!

The 25-card 2011 Topps Opening Day inset set has been increased to 26 cards with this rare pull. Failed Yankee mascot "Dandy" from the late 70's to early '80s found his way into the set:

I don't think I tricked anyone. However, after reading Matt F's post about why he likes 2011 Opening Day, I realized that I may not like the Mascot cards because my team isn't represented. I know, I know, the Yanks are overly represented in nearly every other set and you're all surprised that a mascot of Mantle wasn't put into the set. Anyhow, I wanted to add card #26. Thanks to Topps Online Store for the template, and to Google Images for the lack of pictures of Dandy. Mostly, thanks to George Steinbrenner for doing away with this creepy mascot before I was even born.


  1. The odd thing is I love the mascots set, but hate the Rockies mascot (damn dino).

    Mascots just have a way of making you feel like a kid again.

  2. I remember Dandy. Not a fan at all.

    I read once the Yankees had an Uncle Sam type mascot back in the 40's and 50's. I always wished they could have kept him. I see older pennants and yearbooks with an Uncle Sam on them. I would have loved a Yankees Uncle Sam bobblehead.

    Oh well, I'll be content with Scooter, the Staten Island Yankees mascot.