Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me and Heath Bell = BFF

Back in my playing days (high school baseball), our team was fortunate enough to share our home field with the Double A Binghamton Mets. Or maybe they shared it with us? I remember they’d always see us and go, “Look, it’s the guys who tear up our field.” Anyhow, a few us players at the time helped shoot a local PSA for a baseball camp that the B-Mets were going to help work to benefit an anti-tobacco foundation. A few of the Mets appeared in the commercial as well. The only one who was nice enough to talk to us (and he talked to us pretty much the whole time) was Heath Bell. He had a pretty funny Mohawk at the time, and he was incredibly cool; told us some jokes, asked how our season was, saying how cool it must have been to play our games on a pro field. He was a great dude, and I took a small interest in his career from that point on. I never thought he’d end up being one of the best closers in NL, but all the sudden, here he is. I’ll always be a fan of his, and it just goes to show that as fans, a short conversation with a player can mean a lot to us.

He's a pretty good TTM signer I believe, so maybe I'll send a copy of this photo to see if he'll sign it for me.


  1. That it pretty cool. It might be even cooler that you played your high school games there. I must say that I am a bit jealous.

  2. You may not believe this, but I went to the same high school as you.

    Of course, I'm older. We didn't play at the B-Mets stadium because the stadium (and the B-Mets) didn't exist then.

  3. Small world! We should go back and share a steak-umm in the cafeteria.