Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Champan hit 106?!

Holy crap! Aroldis Chapman hit 105 (on TV) and 106 MPH (in stadium). Wow. I'm not sure how accurate these speed guns are, but there's no mistaking he was throwing well over 100, which is mind boggling. I remember back in 2002, I was at an Astros game and Billy Wagner was hitting 100 and the crowd was going nuts. Literally hanging on to every pitch waiting to see what the stadium gun read. But this is on another level. I don't know if the dude knows where the ball is going once he lets it go, but he definitely has the fear factor going for him before the batter even steps in. It'll be interesting to see if he can keep it up (and if his arm can hold up). If so, the Reds have a pretty nice 1-2 punch with Chapman and Cordero.

I only own two Chapman cards, but this is by far my favorite:

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  1. Jeff Passan says it was "only" 102.4.