Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trade Review: Things Are Funner Here

I recently completed a trade with Julie from Things Are Funner Here. She posted a few Topps Wrapper Redemption packs, and I really liked the Mark Teixeira that was available. Since I didn’t buy enough Topps to have sufficient wrappers for a pack of my very own, this was my shot to get one of these sweet cards. They really really nice...pretty and shiny in the 1952 design. There is a lot to like.

I sent Julie some Roys – Halladay and Oswalt. I can’t imagine I sent anything she didn’t have – they were pretty basic cards. I also through in a bunch of Phillies, including a few oddballs from back in the day. Hopefully these helped make up for the Roys.

In addition to the Heritage, I got a nice stack of Yanks in return. I was shocked to see a 2010 A&G Randy Winn, well, because I couldn’t believe he made it into this set. He had a forgettable first few weeks in Pinstripes (although he did hit one big HR) before he was released. It’s a shame that I’ll never get to see Tino on an A&G, but Winn made it. Sigh.

There were a BUNCH of fun cards to sort through. I particularly like the Topps ’52 Edwar Ramirez, and I would love to send it to him TTM once he latches on with a team somewhere. There was a great looking Yogi Berra Goodwin Champions card as well.

Julie, thanks again for the Teixeira and the Yanks.

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  1. Love the Teixeira. I need that for my Teixeira PC and have been looking all over ebay for it. Hopefully, I can find one.

    I sent Ramirez the same card a few years back. Looks great signed. Hopefully, you'll be able to get him to autograph it.