Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Despite John Steigerwald's opinions, I'll still wear jerseys

This Saturday, I am heading to the Yankees game with a few friends. I've been to over 100 games - home and away. I was actually supposed to go last night before the rain out. Anyhow, I'm sure most have seen it by now, but if not, I encourage you to check out the article written by John Steirgerwald (CLICK HERE) regarding the unfortunate situation of the Giants fan that was beaten up at Dodgers Stadium.

In his twisted opinion, he writes that adults should not wear jerseys to games, as they are not part of the team or assisting them in any way. It's something cute for kids, but not for adults. He asks why this fan thought it was a good idea to wear a jersey of the opposing team to a game. Wow. I'm not going to get into the article - there are plenty out there who have given a better rundown and response than I ever could.

However, I will say that I do wear jerseys to games from time to time. In no way do I think it makes me closer to being a part of the team. It's showing my fandom and admiration for the team and the athlete I am supporting. Same as collecting baseball cards. I don't pretend that the jersey has magical powers; that it was issued to me by the equipment manager and hung in a locker for me. It's simply a show of support. I wear a button up and slacks to work everyday. When I get home, I turn on the Yanks. I don't get decked out in gear watching in my living room. But yeah, if I am going to a game in person, I'll wear Yankee gear, often a jersey or t-shirt. It's a sense of camaraderie...40,000 other fans in the same place as you cheering for same team. Some fans choose to wear only a team hat. Others a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Some fans show up straight from work in a tie or a golf shirt. Does this make them any more or less of a fan? Does it make them more mature because they are dressed like "adults"? Not a chance.

I'll be at the game on Saturday, and I'm going to rock a jersey just out of spite for this article. Now the only question is....which one? My #24 authentic team jersey? My Bernie Williams BP jersey? Road gray with no number on the back? Only time will tell.

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  1. Amen, brother. I have no problems with wearing my team colors when I go to a game or watch a game at a bar. I have been to Seattle to watch the Yankees on numerous occasions and I have only been insulted once and quite frankly, it wasn't that bad.