Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trade Review: Play at the Plate

After returning home from an Easter spent at my parents' house, I had a nice little bubble mailer waiting for me from Brian at Play at the Plate. I sent Brian some 2011 Heritage, as well as a stack of random Texas Rangers cards. Brian sent me an incredibly generous lot of Yankees.

The were two big highlights for me. The first is a 1993 Topps Derek Jeter rookie! I actually did not own this card...I have some older Jeters from Classic, but this is my first Topps RC. I love it and couldn't believe he sent it! Brian included a post it that it was an original, and not a re-print. To me, it's so weird that there even would be a reprint of this card already, although I believe it was part of the 60 Years of Topps insert set this year. Bizarre that he'd even have to say a 1993 is authentic, but this is the hobby as we now know it.

The next equally awesome card was this Andy Pettitte 2010 National Chicle Refractor numbered 003/199. Whoa! What a beautiful and shiny card this is! It's dazzling. I like this set more and more, partly because I really appreciate the artwork behind it. It's not easy to paint baseball players. This is by far the nicest Pettitte card I now own.

Next up is some shiny goodness - 2010 Topps Chrome X-Fractors of Jeter and Kevin Russo. Awesome.

Another Jeter insert. What a classy looking card this is.

And finally, a nice lot of Yanks. You bet your a$$ that's a Kei Igawa shiny.

Brian, thanks again! These cards were great and very unexpected. The Jeter rookie is something I'll hang onto for a very, very long time.

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