Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HOF add from Listia

I've been dabbling with Listia a bit lately. With my hiatus from eBay, I've been casually dabbing. I've sold a few cards, and I'm still learning what will bring in a lot of credits, and what won't. Some cards/lots that I thought would do well didn't, while some other cards did far better than I would have imagined.

That goes for bidding too. I'm still really figuring out how many credits are appropriate for something that catches my eye, and what is not.

Anyhow, since Yankees don't come up much, and when they do they are often quite overpriced (like 499 for a common 1991 Donruss), I have been looking for some other stuff, including Hall of Famers. I picked up this 1992 Fleer Roberto Alomar to add to my son's HOF collection for 300 credits.
But that's not the only card that caught my eye. In fact, it was this 1995 Studio Platinum insert of Alomar. A while ago, I blogged about the gold Mattingly that Jaybarkerfan sent me. I liked that card so much, I really wanted a Platinum. I'm glad I did. The card is really freakin' cool.

If it was just the Fleer for 300, I would have passed. However, the Studio Alomar made this a must have for 300 credits.

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