Friday, March 29, 2013

JBF Bombs Away - Part 3

Last but not least, part three of JBF’s package bombs. I claimed the following two cards in a recent post:
But of course he didn’t leave it there. Nope. He had to throw in some sweet cards he picked up on his trip to Mobile. We’ll start with the two autos. Yep, two. First off, Bubba Crosby! Remember when Cashman said that Bubba was going to be the starting CFer? Then signed Johnny Damon out of nowhere. I did not own a Bubba auto, so this is a sweet addition.
Next up, a Steve Howe auto. Seriously?! Freakin’ sweet. The Leaf Signature Series card s signed perfectly on-card. Most of us know about Steve’s rough life and the fact that he passed away at a young age. He was a very talented reliever, and unfortunately fought with substance abuse for the majority of his career.

Well also included a team bag of Yanks, and here are a few favorites. I love any of the mid-90’s Denny’s cards, so this Boggs is money. It actually shows a short clip of his swing instead of just a 3D image.
No words necessary for this guy.
And finally, a random yanks prospect who never made it, and a guy who just participated in the NFL combine.
Wes, thanks again for everything.

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