Monday, March 4, 2013

TTM Success: Andy Pettitte!

I didn't have a post planned for tonight, but after this, I had to share. I only sent about 20 spring training TTM requests this year, and most were to prospects and lesser known players. I did send to one or two pie-in-the-sky guys, and one of those came back today...Andy Pettitte! It's my first Pettitte auto of any kind.

Greg Bird had been my only other TTM success this spring, so even if I don't get another back, I'm thrilled just to have this Pettitte. The biggest question now is...why did I send this 2001 Pacific?? I guess I figured I wouldn't get it back, but I'm kicking myself for not sending something like a 2013 Topps for my project, or a nice Topps Heritage. Argh! Regardless, this success ranks as one of my best in a long, long time.


  1. Congratulations, that's a nice surprise.

    The only actual Yankee I wrote to this spring was Mariano Rivera, and I doubt I will get the card back. (I'm a bit more hopeful about the two Trenton Thunder photos I mailed, but I have my doubts about them too.)

  2. At least you're getting returns. Like none of the guys I've sent to have sent back yet. :(

  3. Awesome Pettitte, I'm jealous lol.

  4. Great success! I've never been lucky with him TTM, but one day I hope to be as lucky as you!