Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whitey enters the binder, creases and all

So while I've been picking up a few cards for my son's HOF binder, I haven't fully taken the time to go through my collection and pull cards that I own. Most of these are Yanks, but also stars from the '70s and '80s, like Johnny Bench, Gary Carter, and Tony Gywnn. No purchase necessary for those guys. We've all got them in our collection somewhere.

Going back a little further, here is a beat up 1966 Topps Whitey Ford. This is the first vintage card I'm giving Joey from my own collection. Surely one day he'll get his hands on a lot more of my stuff, but for now, I'll give the process a little jumpstart with this card.

I picked it up a month or so ago for just a few bucks due to the condition.


  1. Very cool. Your son is going to be one, happy camper.

  2. Slick looks pretty good, dings and all.