Thursday, March 28, 2013

JBF Bombs Away - Part 2

Bomb #2 from JBF came as a result of claiming this Quentin Richardson jersey card. I find this card to be amazing. Get ready to have your mind blown. Ok, the photo of Richardson is in a Phoenix jersey, but his card’s logo is a Knicks logo. No big deal, right? That happens a lot. Well, check out the back. The jersey is part of a warm-up worn by Q. Ok, that’s specific. Wait, what’s that? Worn when he was a member of the Los Angeles Clippers?!?! Whhhhhat?! So the card is of him in a Suns jersey, with a Knicks logo, with a swatch from the Clippers. Yep, sounds like Q’s career alright.
I would love to see some Octavio Dotel cards like this, or other journeymen. It could be a pretty fun insert set, and a good way for Topps to dump some old swatches and not call it Turkey Red

Although that Richardson is awesome, this card is even awesomer. A 2005 Prime Patches Nick Johnson jersey/auto. Believe it or now, this is the first card I have that has both a swatch and an autograph on it.

Wes also threw in a few more Yanks. Here are a sampling of Jeters and Mattinglys.

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