Thursday, July 18, 2013

LaMonica LaDelivers

I consider Ryan LaMonica of Ryan's Pitch one of my good buddies around here. We check in from time to time on the Yanks, our kids, the bobby, etc. He’s certainly a lot more palatable than Napkin Doon. I sent Ryan one stinkin’ Anthony Rizzo card, and he goes all bubble mailer on me and sent me some great cards. On a side note, his handwriting is spectacular. He included a note, and the penmanship was simply top notch. I felt like I was holding an official document from the 1700’s. It was that good.

First off, a bunch of 4x6 (I think) photos of some Yankee greats. The back of each had a photo of another player. I have no idea what set or issue these are front, but they are very cool.
Love the GQ’s, especially the Pineda. Can’t wait to see that beast in the Bronx.
Ryan also sent me a 2013 Archives Yankees team set, which saves me a bunch of time from having to put one together on my own.
Lastly, Ryan showed off this Zoilo Almonte the other day. I foolishly made a comment that I used to have that card until Zoilo didn’t return my TTM, so of course it shows it up a PWE from Ryan. What a guy!

Ryan, thanks again bud.

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