Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tino Tuesday #66: 2002 Absolute Gold Team Tandems (w/ So Taguchi!)

I don’t buy a ton of cards on eBay anymore. While the quality of cards pales in comparison, Listia has given me my fix for bidding on cards. Unless I need something specifically, I tend to avoid eBay, as it’s too hard to blow through cash.
However, I do search for Tino cards every now and then, hoping to see one that I haven’t seen that catches my eye. This one did just that. It’s from Absolute and has a Tino bat relic, and a cool patch of So Taguchi #’d 47/50. Remember him? I got this card for $.99+$2.50 shipping, so not terrible, especially since one of the relics is a patch. The card it’s self is very thick, I’d say about 6 or 7 cards worth. The relics could each be a little bigger, but overall, a pretty cool card from Tino’s lost years.

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