Friday, July 19, 2013

Turning unwanted cards into a vintage Mantle

Would you make this trade? The card above, for these three cards below:
These three cards for a dinged up 1962 Topps Mantle? I feel like most would answer yes.

That’s essentially what happened to me on Listia. I turned these three cards that I really didn’t care about into enough credits to score this Mantle.

Yeah, it’s wrinkled and in crappy condition, but that’s better than no Mantle at all. Listia does suck a lot of the time – like 499 credits for a 1989 Donruss Rance Mulliniks (listed by Napkin Doon), but if you sift through the crap, you can score some great things while getting rid of some unwanted clutter.

I’d turn those three cards into a vintage Mantle any day.


  1. Hell, even I'd make that trade.

  2. This is why I love Listia... you never know what will show up or how much your stuff will go for, but I think that's a steal!

  3. Wow... you definitely traded up. Nice Mantle. I've gotta sell some crap on Listia.

  4. Every day and TWICE on SUnday, my friend.

    Nice MICK!

    I hear Nap's Rance is really cherry, though....

  5. Nice score. I got a beat up '66 Mantle off Listia a few months back (and a slabbed common from '33).. mainly using credits from some old costume jewelry belonging to my gf's deceased grandmother (whom she didn't really like much).

    There was an old Mantle All-Star card on there forever but the seller wanted a crazy amount of credits. I think he finally lowered his asking price and sold it.

  6. I'd make that trade all day long. Nice!

  7. Why haven't you bid on that Mulliniks yet?