Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rance'd by Napkin Doon

I’ve been by Rance'd by Napkin Doon. In what will surely become 2013’s version of Bipping, Nap included three Rance Mulliniks cards in our latest card exchange. Little does he know, these cards are already on the way to Rance for a TTM ‘graph. I’ll have the last laugh, Nap. Just wait.

He actually sent me some cards I wanted as well. My favorite of the lot was a group of 2013 Bowman Yankees with some fancy flags in the background. Interesting that the USA players have their state flag in the background instead of a US flag.
He also sent this awesome Jeter. I love Diamond Kings. 
Not only did he send me cards, but included three cards for Joey’s HOF binder. The highlight for me is this 1960 Fleer Mickey Cochrane. Such a cool card from a great, underrated set. Nap also sent a Goose, and a Gehrig. Since I’ll never own an original Gehrig, I’ll gladly put this in the binder, as I might as well have an awesome card like this Diamond King instead of a Topps Golden Moment or something. 
And in his signature move, Napkin included a pack of 1990 Topps. The highlight for me was this Edgar Martinez. Look at that pornstache and sweet jacket. 

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  1. You told me Rance was your favorite. What were you lying or something? Wait never mind, you said that in a dream I had about us trading cards in a field of sunflowers. But don't worry it wasn't weird.