Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reclaiming a few cards from my childhood

A few weeks ago, I swung by my parents’ house. They live about three hours away, and my childhood card collection is still there in the attic. I didn’t have the car space to bring it back, nor the current living space to store it. I would love to grab it at some point, as all of your trade packages would then be filled with some sweet 1990’s inserts.

I ventured up to the attic just to make sure it was still there and hadn't been thrown out or anything. It was there and stored pretty nicely. I did quickly open up one bin and grab one of those little clear card cubes that was filled with cards, as well as a padded envelope. I had no idea what was in them, but figured they’d be fun to go through once I go home.

There were many commons, some TTM returns, a few Tinos, and some other stuff I had forgotten about. I’ll highlight a few of those cards on the blog in a series of posts.

First off, here are a few random rookie cards. I had no idea that I had an ’84 Donruss Darryl Strawberry RC. I must’ve won it on eBay at some point, but it was news to me. Totally didn’t remember getting that one. I also found a few Carson Palmer RCs. Being a Bengals fan, I must’ve bought a few of them on eBay during college, thinking he was going to be an all-time great. As a Syracuse alum, I'm sure I randomly went on eBay to pick up a Carmelo Anthony RC as well.
Another card I found was a Bowman Futures Game relic of Dioner Navarro. At the time, he was a big Yankees prospect, eventually dealt away in the Randy Johnson trade. I also don’t remember acquiring this card. 
Next up, I'll probably show a few old TTMs I had forgotten about.



  1. I hope you've already told your folks that collection is not to be thrown out under any circumstances! :)

  2. Love the Strawberry card! But not as much as the look on Carson's face. Who hurt you Carson, who hurt you?

  3. That Carmelo is great I had the Dwayne Wade card from that set.Love the blog man just started following check mine out feel free to join the site. Good luck collecting bro!

  4. Nice cards... especially the 84D Strawberry. A huge portion of my collection is stored at my parents and whenever I visit them, I spend at least one afternoon sitting in their garage looking through my stuff. I know what I have over there... but every now and then I'll come across a card I didn't know I owned. It's a pretty cool feeling.