Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Tino I had no idea existed

I really enjoy getting emails from new collectors, usually offering up a card they have I might be interested. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m always shocked when someone new reaches out. Just goes to show that you never knew who was reading.

Douglas recently reached out and told me that he has a variation of a Tino Martinez card that I didn’t know existed. Back in 1996, I got an Upper Deck Authenticated 4x6 Tino card that celebrates the Yanks’ World Series victory. Douglas actually had the same card, but with a blue foil border. This was news to me!

We worked out a deal, and Douglas sent along the card in this groovy top loader. Mind you, the card is about 4x6.
Here is the version that I already had:
Last but not least, Douglas threw in this surprise. It’s a very unique piece of memorabilia celebrating Al Leiter’s ML debut. Additionally, it’s signed by Leiter in ball point pen. I didn’t have a Leiter auto, so I definitely enjoyed receiving this. 
Douglas, thanks for adding this new Tino to my collection. I look forward to pairing this card with it’s gold-bordered brother.

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  1. Very nice additions. I knew the gold version of the 1996 World Series card existed, but not the blue version. Now, I have 2 versions to chase after.