Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beautiful Pineda AG Auto from Austin

Follower and reader Austin ("Aus" to many of you) reached out offering up a Michael Pineda signed A&G card he pulled from pack. I definitely needed it. Austin was very easygoing and we worked out a deal, although admittedly I still owe him a little bit. There are too many Dodger collectors out there and I can’t keep a respectable inventory of Dodgers cards to offer up in trades.
Anyhow, the Pineda is freakin’ awesome. On card. In a Yankees uniform. I love the framed auto. I don’t know if I’ll get many Pineda autos prettier than this one. It’s definitely my favorite Pineda so far.

Austin also sent a bunch of other Yanks, including this Tino Martinez Panini Hometown Heroes, which I didn’t have. I actually don’t have any of the Tinos from this set, so if you’ve got any of them, let me know.
Austin also wrote a few little funny comments on post-it notes. I always appreciate a personal touch like that. I definitely laughed at his Jeter comment.
Here’s a few more cards I really enjoyed. Austin, thanks for the trade (especially the Pineda!), and I hope to deal again in the near future.


  1. Awesome pickup!

    Although I'm kinda bummed that Pineda beat Phelpsie for the fifth starter job.

  2. 'twas a pleasure! Gawd, Jeter looks even worse in that close-up!