Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Selection Sunday

I love March Madness. I love the Selection Show. I love filling out a bracket. I even love ripping my bracket up after the first weekend of the tourney.

As an alum, I'll obviously be rooting for Syracuse. It's been an odd year. 25-0 and a #1 ranking, followed by a horrible slump where they look like the worst team in college hoops. I'm not sure what to expect for the tourney. I'm guessing a 4-seed, but I wouldn't be surprised if they lost in the first round, or won the whole damn thing. This team is unpredictable.

In honor of Selection Sunday (what a great name), he's a random selection of 64 cards (because I don't count the stupid play-in games) I've featured on this blog at one time or another. No rhyme or reason, I just selected 64 cards from my blog pictures folder. Hope you enjoy browsing!



  1. Good luck to your 'cuse. but they are playing my brother's alma mater. So, I will have to root elsewhere. sorry. :) and My MSU has a decent bracket. Go Green! will be a fun tourney regardless

  2. My Mountaineers are in the NIT :( By the way I like that Strawberry auto. Shoot me an email sometime. I think I may have some Yankee cards you might like.