Sunday, March 30, 2014

Die cut? More like Ty Cut!

After not going anything interesting with their cards for a long time, over the past two or three years Topps has busted out some serious die cuts into their products. In fact, they might have overdone it a bit between Finest, Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Diamond Giveaway, etc. We went from no die cuts to die cut overload. However, that’s fine by me. I love asymmetrical cards.

This is my first Ty Hensley die cut, and it’s sharp as hell. It’s from 2012 Bowman Chrome Bowman’s Best (or something). The colors are vibrant, and the design is very visually pleasing. Lots of rounded edges. The yellows and greens really jump out. The card is numbered to just 99 as well.

Upon Google searching, someone pulled an Atomic Refractor 1/1 of this card and had it up for sale for $300. No idea if he sold it. Pretty damn cool though.

1 comment:

  1. I thought you had obtained a Ty Cobb cut-signature for your son's binder.

    That Ty Hensley die-cut is just as awesome though.