Monday, March 31, 2014

Yanks and Beans!

For many of you newer bloggers, you may not know Nick (aka Yanks and Beans) of The Cardboard Duggout. He used to run a Yankees card blog (maybe he still does) and do some hilarious box breaks. I always looked forward to them. Nick and I go back and forth on Twitter here and there, so it's great to stay in contact with him.

Also, he goes by, "Yanks and Beans," is the greatest Yankee-themed user name out there. I'm so jealous I don't have something that awesome.

Anyhow, Nick is a Yankee fan (obviously) and used to be a Teixeira super collector. Now, he is focused on Mariano Rivera and Rickey Henderson. Nick showed me an awesome Tino autograph and was willing to give it up for a few Mo's and Rickey's he needed.
It's honestly the coolest Tino I own. The gold autograph is awesome, and I realllly hope it doesn't fade over time (anyone have advice on protecting these cards? I've seen many with faded sigs). The gold stitching on the ball is the perfect touch. I've got several Tino autographs, but none hold a candle to this one. What. A. Card.
Nick was awesome and threw in some extras. I mean, who just throws in a Reggie Jackson jersey card unannounced?
He also hit on two of my PC guys - Michael Pineda and Phil Rizzuto. Both of these were new to my collection. Nick is the owner of some ridiculous Pineda cards of which I'll spend the rest of my life trying to come up with the cards to pry them away from him.

Nick, thanks for the cards. Please bust another box on your blog soon. The blogging newbies need to experience this.


  1. Maybe an Ultra Pro Magnetic case might help.

  2. The Reggie cards is pretty sweet

  3. Awesome cards. My Tino auto from that set has unfortunately faded. It's the cheap leather Upper Deck used for that set. I don't think anything is going to prevent it from fading. I would just keep it out of light as much as you can.