Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm a dirty bird

A few weeks ago, Cardinals fan Kerry from Cards on Cards hosted a free group break with a box of 2014 Topps Mini. Missing the Yanks by about 10 seconds, I did something I'm still not proud of...I claimed the Red Sox! Ahhhh, I can't even type that. I still feel DIRTY. But hear me out. I trade with so many Red Sox fans, that I have about zero Sox cards right now. Literally. I have like a 1989 Topps Clemens to my name. I saw it as an opportunity for a little tradebait. I just feel bad that Sox fans missed out on claiming their team.

So I did come away with a decent amount of Red Sox, which will go directly to new homes. I'll only show one, this pink Matt Thornton. He spent some time with the Yanks last year, so I don't feel as awful about showing him. The pinks are #'d to just 25.
Kerry, being the generous dude he is, sent a bunch of Yanks too, so I felt a bit better about myself, although still not great. Here is an assortment. I love that Tanaka Power Players insert from 2014 Topps. I definitely didn't have it. Also, an El Duque RC from 1998 Fleer Update! I only had his Bowman RC, so this is sweet. I have an irrational love of El Duque. 
Thanks, Kerry! I have some stuff headed your way.


  1. You need to cleansed immediately. Luckily for you I have another pile of Yanks to send your way.

    1. Just as I'm sitting down to scan the last Zap you sent me.

  2. Aj. I'm sure you had some great pick ups.