Monday, January 12, 2015

Napkin Doon is alive

Napkin Freakin' Doon lives!

Well, his blog doesn't. It still is the third most-visited website of all time, but there hasn't been a new entry in a few months. But Napkin Doon the man is in fact alive! I know this because he recently sent me a pretty darn cool package of cards.

Sadly, the first card was the Rance Mulliniks pictured above. It's in a very heavy duty case. Nap and I tend to send each other Mulliniks cards. It all started by him sending me one that had mold all over it from old Topps gum. It's only gotten more and more out of hand since then. He won't have the last laugh though, I'll tell you that. I'm going to send him the actual Rance Mulliniks one day.

Other than the sweet Rance, by far the coolest card is an eTopps Phil Rizzuto mini. This crappy scan doesn't do it justice. It's refractory and really stands out, especially on a T-206 design. I wish eTopps was still around. Every card I've gotten in hand has been exceptionally cool.
The Doonster also sent me a few more cards, and a really cool coloring book for my kids. Well, I think it was for them. Or maybe now. I may color a few of these pictures myself and send one to Nap to hang on his fridge. I'm sure his lovely wife won't mind.
Nap, good to see you around, my friend. We miss you.


  1. Wow I didn't even remember that eTopps had minis.

  2. Glad you got the cards! I was happy to see that Rizzuto go to a good home. And even happier to see that Rance go to the collection of a super fan!