Friday, January 30, 2015

Prospect excitement

Since I started this blog in 2011, I've collected cards of many Yankees prospects. Some were traded. Some were released. Some made their debuts. Some never panned out.

I love prospect cards, but I'm not a "prospector." I'm not acquiring cards of prospects, then hoping they make it big so I can flip them for cash. More than anything, I just like having a head start on collecting guys who could be the future of my favorite team.

I enjoy following prospects and learning more about them. This goes back to growing up in a city with minor league baseball (Binghamton Mets), and seeing those guys succeed and make the big leagues. Guys like the Mets' Generation K (ok, so not succeed like expected), Butch Husky, and Egardo Alfonzo are players I watched as a kid, and eventually saw them in the Majors.

Tyler Austin is a guy I've liked for a long time, and he's on the verge of his ML debut. He's so close! I'm sure he can feel it, and hopefully it's driving him, knowing how close within reach his dream is. I couldn't imagine being so close!

It's going to be very rewarding seeing him in the big leagues, and that's just from a goofy card collector. I can't imagine how Tyler and his family will feel when he steps up to a Major League plate for the first time.

Good luck in 2015, Tyler Austin.


  1. I kind of see myself the same way. If one of those prospects happen to blow up cards become too expensive to obtain. This happened with McCutchen. Thankfully I pulled the trigger on a bunch before it was too late.

  2. Twins' fan here - for the last few years, prospects have been the main highlight of following my favorite team for me. I've only been collecting again for about a year, but I definitely have been trying to scoop up some of the young Twins prospects (Kennys Vargas, Jose Berrios, Danny Santana to name a few). Good luck to Mr. Austin!

  3. I really hope Austin gets a shot in the big leagues. Hopefully its because Ellsbury goes down with an injury (again) and the rest of the Yankees OF depth before Austin is bitten by the bug too. Forcing the Yankees' hand.

  4. Yeah, I hate prospectors. It's a lot of fun to get stuff signed and meet these guys before they become household names. I've been able to meet some guys who are in the NHL now and got signed photos and pucks of them, which is really cool.