Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More Bippies, More Dundies!

I picture the 2014 Bip Awards being held at a Chili's, just like The Dundies:
I hope this is the case.

On Sunday night, I was browsing through the blog roll when I noticed that Sooz of A Cardboard Problem has posted the 2014 Bip Award nominees. Cool! So I checked them out...

Somehow this little blog of mine was one of the 10 nominated for Blog of the Year. Wow! Very cool to be in that category with all the amazing blogs out there. And then I thought, well, if I didn't vote for myself, who the heck nominated me? It wasn't my mom, either. She has no idea (nor does anyone in my family or that I've met in real life) that I run this little Lost Collector operation.

Or maybe someone is playing a joke on me? Like when the cool kids nominate a dork for homecoming king?

Regardless, it's incredibly cool to see my name up there. I know I don't put as much thought or effort into my daily(ish) postings like many of the other nominees, but the blog is mine and it means something to me. It's one of the main reasons I still collect. It adds to each and every one of my collecting experiences, no matter how small. Whether it's a single-card eBay win or a big padded envelope of cards from another blogger, it lengthens and personalizes the collecting process for me. Cards that arrive aren't just catalogued and quietly stuffed into a box or binder. They are scanned. They are written (loose term) about. They are shared. They are appreciated. I get to show off cards to other people who actually like cards too. And that is pretty damn awesome in its own right.

I won't do any campaigning. I can't hang with the top of the crop nominated, nor do I feel the need to. Everyone runs his or her blog their own way, and I'm happy with mine. I squeeze out whatever posts I can in between changing poop diapers and threatening my son that if he gets out of bed once more that I'm taking away all his firetrucks.

But maybe I'll grab a few votes, the way that Darin Erstad or Jacque Jones did on their HOF ballots. You know, when a BBWAA writer leaves someone deserving off of his ballot because he knows everyone else will vote for that person, just so he can vote for the little guy that meant something to him.

Good luck to everyone nominated in all categories. There are some very tough calls. I have no idea myself, as asking me to pick between JBF and Zippy Zappy for "most generous" is a horrifying thought. I guess I'm just glad, in this instance, that Mark Hoyle wasn't eligible...

Finally, a shout out and THANK YOU to Sooz for running this. I'm sure it's a huge pain, but I can't think of anyone better to run this. Remember to thank her, and hopefully there is no unnecessary drama that ensues. She's doing this on her own time.

Oh yeah, and here's a baseball card since I didn't have one in this post. It's new to my collection, and it features a guy I'm really pulling for: Slade Heathcott. He has all the talent to be a regular at the MLB level, but just can't stay healthy. He's overcome a lot in his life, including living out of his truck his senior year of high school. He was squeezed off of the 40-man roster this winter, but luckily re-signed with the Yanks and has a chance to re-establish his career in AA or AAA this spring. Go get 'em, Slade.


  1. Good luck man, I'm not sure who nominated me for that poll (or why) but I'm just glad to be there too.

    Nice card too :).

  2. Glad to see both you and Zippy represented on there!

  3. Lots of great nominations. Tough to pick just one