Sunday, January 11, 2015

Trading CRACKS me up!

I know, I know. Brutal title.

I completed my first trade with Julie from A Cracked Bat.  I think she has completed a record number of trades in her time as a blogger.

Julie definitely cracked (there I go again) open a bunch of sets I didn't buy this year, so I am most appreciative of the Yanks she sent. I'll start with my two favorites:
I didn't open bust any 2014 Stadium Club, but I've loved everything I've seen. This card is no exception. Look how intense Mattingly is. I would say he's definitely waiting for a bunted ball to be thrown his way, likely from the catcher based on his position inside the bag. The ball is jusssst about in his mitt. Total focus. I love it.
I mean, the only thing wrong with this card is poor scanning by me. It's from 2014 '1989 Bowman is Back'. Pretty cool concept. I don't mind taking old designs and making them fancier. I actually like that more than just simply repeating the designs. Bowman did this last year with the sapphire reprints.
This is a cool concept from Panini Prizm called Top of the Order, showing leadoff hitters and the complete lineup they were featured in. I wish they used the precise 2014 Opening Day lineup as opposed to projected lineup, but still pretty neat to see the rundown like at the beginning of a game broadcast. For the record, the Yanks lineup was correct, except on Opening Day the bottom three went Gardner-Roberts-Johnson.
Lastly, a couple Triple Threads cards from 2013-14. I always appreciate these cards. They are thick, beautiful cards with very nice designs. The 2013 (Sabathia) design feels little more classy to me with the border, but that doesn't take away from 2014, which I actually like more overall. The Mattingly is purple parallel, and I like how Topps sprinkled some purple color throughout the card.

Julie, thanks for the trade! Looking forward to trading again soon.


  1. Top of the Order. That's a nice creative new insert. Well done, Panini.


    Well done, Stadium Club. And once again Topps makes me reconsider my new release embargo. Grrrr


  3. I am happy there were cards you needed! I have another stack for you to send soon. Thank you for the package of goodies which will be shared on my blog in the very near future!