Monday, January 26, 2015

Nothin' Tiny about these cards

For the second a time, Uncle Tiny dropped a nice trade package on me. I first met Tiny through JBF's blog, and we've completed a few swaps now, with plans for more. It's always nice to have someone looking out for cards for me. Both Wes and Tiny do a great job finding Bengals cards for me. I'm not a football collector, per se, but when they send awesome cards of my favorite NFL team, I really appreciate them. It's nice to have a binder of AJ Green, Tyler Eifert, and Gio Bernard.

I love this Jeremy Hill Topps Platinum X-Fractor RC. Hill had a big rookie year. I have no idea what the market for his cards are, but I assume he in relative demand. Maybe not since he's a Beng.
Odell Thurman. Sigh. This guy had all the talent in the world, but couldn't stay out of trouble. He was very representative of the Bengals from the mid-00s. I'm glad the days of guys constantly in trouble are over (knock on wood).
Here are two baseball cards I enjoyed from the package. I definitely did not have this Jeter. I need to catologue my Jeters soon, as I'm sure I have a few hundred through trades alone. Also, a pretty sweet Ichiro Bowman Heritage.
Thanks, Tiny! More Astros coming your way!

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