Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Happy Trails, Wes

I feel bad.

My epic packages from Wes always seem to take too long to post. It's not that I don't want to. They are always just so daunting.

They usually sit in the mailer for longer than they should because I know I have to scan them and that's going to take awhile.

Then the scanning is done, but then they sit in my scanned folder because again, I scanned a lot of awesome cards.

Well, the time is here. I am going to power through. A while back, Wes aka JBF sent out his retirement packages. I was a lucky recipient. I've always been a lucky recipient of his, and I'll always be grateful for that. Here we go...

My favorite card of the group was this Derek Jeter relic. I have very few Jeter memorabilia cards, and while I don't know if I'll ever have an autograph of his, any jersey swatch will always be special.
There were a few other fun jersey cards too, including a Tino and a great-looking Paul O'Neill pinstripe!
There were a couple of autographs too! I didn't know Spring Fever cards (what happened to those?!) had auto versions, so the Boone Logan is neat. JR Murphy was forgotten for awhile but seems to have found a home in Arizona. A refractor autograph?! Sure, why not!
Judge Chrome RC! I didn't have this one.
Here's a card to making Zippy Zappy swoon:
And here's a card to make me swoon because I needed this Tino, which is limited to just 100 copies!
There were a TON of other serially numbered cards too:
As well as some oddballs. A .999 silver Babe Ruth?! How cool is that. When my kid asks me for a Babe Ruth card, he'd definitely not getting this one.
Anyone have a hunkering for Cracker Jacks?
And of course, Wes had to throw in some vintage.
Vintage is a fitting way to end this post, because these cards were just vintage Wes. The guy has done more for my collection than anyone out there, and I'll always appreciate it. Happy trails (for now), Wes!


  1. Nice Tinos... but that Jeter takes the cake. Sweet package from Wes.

  2. Wes is certainly going out with a bang!