Tuesday, July 3, 2018

PSA: How to get back blog comment email notifications

A quick PSA, as I know this has irked many of us.

Total hat tip goes out to the sound advice Stubby provided on a great thread started by Chris over at Nachos Grande. Here is what Stubby wrote:

On Blogger (never used the platform myself), I'm told that, if you remove your email for notification of comments (and perhaps some other of the information you've previously provided as well) and then re-enter THE SAME information, the notifications will start up again (possibly preceded by a "do you wish to subscribe" email). When they updated something in the system, it rendered all the notification emails as inactive or something, so you have to act as though you're providing updated info, even if the info is the same as it ever was.
I tried it and voila! It worked like a charm (so far).

So essentially:
  1. Go to your blogger dashboard
  2. Select Settings (it's in a left hand menu for me)
  3. Select Email
  4. In the box for comment notification email, I removed my email address and selected "save" so that no email address was in the box
  5. I then typed in my email address and hit "save"
  6. I got an email from blogger asking me to "subscribe" to comments on my blog
  7. I tested it and it worked!
Thanks to Stubby for the sound advice, and Chris for posting a really interesting topic about blog readership habits as of late. Go check it out and provide your thoughts.


  1. Thanks for this and thanks to Stubby, too!
    This has been bothering me for a month or so and I had even gone as far to search for an answer in the forums.
    All is right in my blogging universe once again.

  2. Thank you! I was wondering why I wasn't getting notifications anymore.

  3. I just tested this and it worked beautifully. Thanks for sharing and props to Stubby for finding a solution to this.

  4. Best thing I’ve seen on Twitter all day!

  5. Thanks, worked great, that has really been bugging me.

  6. Well I really hope that works. I missed a lot recently.