Saturday, July 7, 2018

The surprise PWE is the best

One of the best parts of our community here is the surprise PWE. It shows up out-of-the-blue, unannounced, packed with a few cards someone else thought that you'd appreciate more than they would.

It's easy to get excited about a trade package or an eBay purchase coming in, but when the unannounced PWE shows up, I get even more excited and certainly more appreciative.

Earlier this past week, a perfect 9-card PWE arrived from Oscar over at All Trade Bait, All The Time. Oscar, as many do (including myself), filled up row from a binder page, with three cards per row. Love this format.

Gotta start with Aaron Judge, as he doesn't show up much in packages anymore. We'll call it 2.5 Judges because one is a team card. I'm very happy to add the Superstar Sensations insert, as that is one I missed when I opened Series One.
I also didn't find much 2018 Donruss, so I appreciate a new Gary Sanchez. Hope he's back from injury very soon.
A pair of lefties! One who starts games, one who finishes them.
I absolutely love this 2018 Heritage Rookie Stars featuring two of the Yanks best young players. Miguel Andujar has been very good in his rookie campaign, and Clint Frazier just needs a chance to play. He's too good for AAA, and I really hope he's not traded unless it's from a top of the line starting pitcher.
I'm always willing to take these Jeters off anyone's hands!
Lastly, a surprise autograph from former Yankees prospect Mitch Jones. He was drafted by the Yankees, but never made it with them despite showing massive power, including 39 HRs in AA in 2004. He latched on with the Dodgers and had an 8-game cameo in 2009, his only MLB action. He hit .308 but didn't homer. In all, he hit 254 minor league homers. Sad he never got one in the Bigs.
Oscar, thanks so much for a great PWE and making my day.


  1. Looks like Oscar's been busy firing off quality PWEs! The Jones auto is sharp, that's a fantastic design.

  2. Glad this surprise hit the right places. Enjoy, buddy!

  3. That Bowman Signs of the Future card has a solid design. Might need to see if anyone in that set is worth picking up.