Saturday, July 21, 2018

His inner Kid

In the latest Sports Illustrated for Kids issue, I was happy to see a Yankee included in the uncut 9-card sheet. I don't believe there's been one since 2016, when Gary Sanchez was included.

One might expect it to be Aaron Judge (hasn't received an SI Kids card yet), Giancarlo Stanton, or perhaps Luis Severino. However, it ended up being one of the Yankees biggest kids, Didi Gregorius. Unfortunately my card got bent a little in the mailbox, which is always a possibility.
Didi plays with a kid-like enthusiasm, and is certainly a terrific role model for kids, so hard to be upset with this post. Not only does he exhibit exuberance on the field and in the dugout, but his post-game emoji-filled Tweets are the best in the game. Every player has their own emoji (except him!).

Outside of Didi, there weren't many notable stars. Dak Prescott of the Cowboys was definitely the biggest name.
All in all, another fun month of cards from SI for Kids.


  1. I was surprised and kinda bummed that they didn't produce an Aaron Judge card last year. I guess they felt that Topps pretty much had the Judge market covered.