Wednesday, October 12, 2016

TTM Success: Goose Gossage

I won't lie, I double-dipped on this one. I did receive a Goose Gossage TTM autograph a long time ago. I'm not exactly sure when. I want to say I got it while I was in high school, but can't remember if that's accurate. That card is now a key piece of my Topps Yankees Project.

I figured enough time had passed where I wouldn't feel guilty for sending him another request. I had seen that he was signing without a fee, so I gave it a shot, and in just 21 days this returned:
Goose is definitely a cranky old man, but damn, can he sign a card. His signature is a pure treasure.

Thanks for the autograph, Mr. Gossage!


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  2. Nice return. I got him in person this year and he seemed very pleasant in the minute and a half that I was in his sight.