Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Buying some packs in LA

I'm in Los Angeles for work right now. It's a quick trip - flew in yesterday morning, had meetings yesterday and a couple today, out tomorrow morning. I'm staying downtown, which I don't love (prefer Santa Monica), but it's where all of my meetings are, so it's convenient.

I have a pair of friends who had a baby three months ago and live nearby, so I arranged to drop by their house last night. My wife informed me that I couldn't show up empty handed, so I walked to the Target up the street to pick them up a gift card to use on diapers and whatnot.

Of course, since I was there, I had to check for cards. They had some, and while it was a small display, it was something. I snagged a jumbo back of Opening Day (24 cards for $2.99), and a jumbo pack of Donruss ($4.99). I was in a rush so I didn't look too hard, but I don't think there was any '17 Gypsy Queen.

I didn't pull anything special, but I did end up with 54 cards I didn't have.

In Opening Day, I was lucky enough to snag two of the more desirable Yankees. These two were placed back-to-back in the middle of the pack:
And here are my three guaranteed inserts. That Rangers card is pretty boring (no offense, Ranger fans).
The Donruss pack was fun. I like the design, overall. I do wish they had used the different colored backgrounds like they did in their football product, but still, the white looks nice with the team colors. Overall, a much better effort than the last few years base designs.
I didn't pull any fancy variations, but I got a few inserts, including a Jorge Mateo, which much be the first time I've pulled a card of his.
I also got a handful of these '83 variations. Not bad.
Overall, fun to snag a few packs on the road, and tempting to go back later today if I've got some time.


  1. Now I'm convinced you don't know anything. First, Pudge as a Yankee in the HOF, now you say the Rangers Opening Day card is boring?! It's the best photo in the set! Who uses a fish eye lense for a baseball card? It's awesome! Maybe we can't be friends, because you've lost your damn mind... ;-)

    1. Pudge is a Yankee, and a damn fine one.

      Haha, the card is just so drab (to me). I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I guess I'll have to send it to some Ranger to sign for you.

  2. Enjoy the weather in California! Oh, and nice pull on the moose! He's one of my favorite mascots.