Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Baseball Card Olympics (A Contest Entry)

Daniel over at "It's like having my own Card Shop" is holding a contest with quite a few ways to enter yet. It's entirely possible I missed it, but I'm not sure if anyone has taken him up on "create at least five events for a baseball card Olympics, so I decided to enter his contest under that topic.

Here's what I have, although I'm sure you all might have others and feel free to leave more ideas in the comments:

1. Timed set collating and bindering

Each Olympian will have a 792-card Topps set dumped in front of them. The participant who can not only correctly order there set, but then binder it, will be crowned the champion of this maddening event!

2. Spot the SP

A few days ago, I was flipping through some 2012 Topps card, and I found a Pablo Sandoval SP that I didn't know was in that pile. I probably missed it the first time around. Spotting an SP can be a skill, especially if one doesn't take the time to check those itty bitty number codes on the back. This would test a contestants eye, as well as knowledge of a product.

Image result for oreo stacking

3. Card stacking

Stacking is always a fun event. There's such things as cup stacking, and even Oreo stacking, so why not card stacking? Highest stack takes the gold.

4. Name that player

A referee will open packs of junk wax cards, and without seeing the names, each Olympian must correctly guess each player. Last person standing wins.

5. Card flipping

Going back to the roots of what our dads all did with their Mickey Mantle cards, some good old-fashion card-flipping for Olympic glory.

6. Identify the autograph

Exactly how it sounds! Without being given any other hints, contestants much correctly guess from a series of autographs, with each one become harder...and scribblier...than the previous.

So what awesome events did I miss for the Baseball Card Olympics?


  1. I bet I could do well in a card collating and bindering competition. Maybe not enough to earn a medal, but enough to make the team...

  2. These are awesome! My best shot at winning would be the card flipping... or maybe name that autograph. The other ones I wouldn't even get past the qualifying rounds.

  3. I gotta be honest, I didn't think that this was going to be very good when i clicked on it, boy was I wrong! I think I'd do pretty well with most of these, probably all except for Spot the SP, I'd be dead in the water on that one.