Monday, January 18, 2021

Update keeping me busy despite being the worst set ever

We all know that 2020 Topps Update is one of the worst sets ever. 

It truly is.

I don't envy what Topps had to do here. They work on advanced print runs and they did what they could with it, including a random assortment of newly signed or traded players. The rest was choc full of past All-Stars, active leaders, and Home Run Derby cards. 

Many said "why even have it?" and I am going to assume it has to do with advance sales and obligations, and the headache of canceling a product release. It's not as easy as "ah, nevermind, we just won't do it." 

However, since Tino Martinez is taking up card number US-122, I've been busy tracking down many of the parallels that come along with it. I haven't paid crazy amounts, but as a player collector, I pick up what I can. A nice assortment has slowly been coming in:

Here is a smattering of what has trickled in, highlighted by the Independence Day /76:
The Stars and Stripes fit this card so well, matching up with the red, white, and blue All-Star jersey. Easily my favorite parallel of the group.

Standard rainbow foil:
Father's Day Powered Blue /50:
Apparently this one is "hot pink" Mother's Day /50. Topps and I have different definitions of hot pink.
Target Red and Walmart Blue and Meijer Purple...whatever Meijers are. I've never seen one of the stores in real life.
Including the base card, I have nine versions of this card. Here is what I am still missing:
  • Gold /2012 (these keep popping up on eBay but are overpriced)
  • Vintage Stock /99
  • Advanced Stats /300
  • Gold Foil
  • Memorial Day Camo /25
  • Platinum /1
  • Any of the plates
I should be able to track down the Gold Foil and Advanced Stats. The others might be tough. We'll see.

But for a very crappy set, I sure have been keeping an out for the ones on the list above.


  1. Don’t forget the Walgreens Yellow and mini on-demand pink #/25. I think there is a black as well! Good luck!

    1. Oh I forgot about the mini. I haven't seen hat pop yet. I do have the Walgreen's Yellow already, but thanks!

  2. Yeah, Update was horrid - I agree! Nice to see you adding to your PC though, even bad sets can be fun if they have your favorite player represented!

  3. It's a garbage set and it shouldn't have been made.

    The problem is Topps is beholden to breakers and dealers and projected dates that don't take into account that the future is unpredictable. Topps is a business and has a business model, I get that, but as a consumer I don't care about that either. Give me a quality product, that's what I want. I don't care about your presales and sell sheets. It may not be realistic, but Topps used to be able to put out a product that made sense to the collector, instead of being paralyzed by something it didn't expect.

    This set doesn't make them look good at all.

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  5. Update might be a mess... but among that mess you were able to find some new Tinos. Now that's turning lemons into lemonade.

    P.S. I'm really starting to hate all of the Spam cluttering comments. Blogspot needs to work on this problem.

  6. At least half of the complaints is the orientation of the card backs. That's the lasting issue of Update. Years from now some kid will be flipping through the set and wonder what happened.

    As much as we complain about the contents of Update, at least with HRD they backdoored some overlooked retired players into the set. Tino, Eric Davis, Ryan Howard, for example.

  7. Meijer is very similar to Target and WalMart. They aren't on the east coast. I went to one when I went to Toledo, they have a little of everything.

  8. That's dizzying! Are the backs all oriented the same or are some going one way and some the other? Good luck!

  9. definitely going through a parallel hell myself. the quantity alone is too much, but when you pair up my tendency for color blindness along with blues, aquas, purples and sapphires...i get lost.