Friday, April 23, 2021

Gleyber, you ok?

 Over the past year, Gleyber Torres has not been a good baseball player.

After All-Star seasons in his age 21 and 22 season in which he hit 24 and 38 HRs, respectively, he's struggled a bit. He never looked good in last year's fake season, and he's off to a slow start this year. While that can be said for the entire Yankees team, Gleyber really has not been good.

Just twenty three days into the season, I'm not worried. I think he'll find his stride and hit .250 with 25+ HRs. Fine numbers for a shortstop. But why the sudden struggles after the game looked so easy for him just a few years ago?

One theory is that he was moved over to shortstop, and the defensive pressure of the position is weighing on him. I don't know if that's true. It might be. As a rookie, he was inserted into second base and asked to really be a bat-first player. But since Didi Gregorius left, the keys to the left side of the infield were passed to him. A lot of pressure? Yes. And perhaps it's affecting his offense.

I think he'll be fine. He's too talented not to be. Games are a lot more fun for me to watch when he's a threat at the plate. Right now, he's not scary in the box. He did have a 3-hit game last night after his hustle was called into question the previous night, so perhaps he's on his way to finding his stroke.

I write about Gleyber today because I just received two of his Chrome rookie cards from Shane of @shanekatz73 on Twitter. I sent him a single card of Jazz Chisolm, and he reciprocated with two Gleyber RCs. I felt like I came out a bit too far ahead here.
Shane also included a few others, including a nice looking holo from 2020 Donruss.
Thanks for the trade, Shane! And hey Gleyber, get it together. 


  1. I have dropped off collecting Gleyber and glad I traded my PSA10 Update rookie away in my deal for the Lamar Jackson auto looking at how his season has started. I had a lot of faith in him until the fall off. But as you said, not like the yankees are hitting the ball well as a team.

  2. Even when Gleyber was doing well his stats were padded by feasting on lousy teams like the Orioles. Other than DJ and to some extent Judge, the Yankees hitters feast off of poor pitching but can't handle quality teams, hence their playoff struggles the last few years.

    That really is a nice Winfield.

  3. That's a great looking Dave Winfield even without the Logo. His arms and legs are sooooooooo long.

  4. Are those Torres refractors? If not... how do you get your Chrome scans to come out so pretty?

    1. They are not! I use an app called Genius Scan on my phone. I haven't owned a scanner in 10+ years of blogging.

    2. I'll have to look into Genius Scan. This just might be the solution to scanning Fleer Metal from the 90's.