Saturday, April 3, 2021

Grizzly bears and snakes

One of the best inserts I've seen in the young 2021 cards season is Donruss' Unleashed. I saw Colbey pull one is his 2021 Donruss break (Mike Trout), so figured I'd check which Yanks are available.

After a quick eBay search, I found a low-priced card of Giancarlo Stanton. It felt appropriate.
Grizzly bears and snakes. Yes!

Stanton's swings can best described as 'unleashed'. The man swings and and unleashes his wrath on baseballs like no one else in the game. One doesn't really see how hard he hits balls until you see him on a regular basis (insert joke that no one sees him on a regular basis because he is on the IL). The compact stroke and - bam - the ball is out of the TV frame in a way that other players just can't replicate.

The creativity and design is refreshing in a time when Topps' inserts are just reprints and other boring subjects that allow them to shove as many players into a set as possible. I know there are some who don't care about inserts and don't care for innovation. This isn't innovation; it's creativity. And we don't get that from the officially licensed brand right now.

I haven't opened any Donruss this year. If I can find some, I will. But for now, I'll do what I can to pick up a few more Unleashed inserts. 


  1. Nice. I loved the NBA/NFL versions for these that Panini has made in the past few years (although they're like case hits and super expensive on the second hand market), I'm glad baseball got something too.

  2. Well, it would be creative if Panini actually did the Metal Universe thing and used multiple backgrounds instead of the same damn one card after card (with a guy with no logos in the foreground). Let's be honest, both companies have insert issues.

  3. There certainly is a lot going on in that background.

  4. Nice insert for being a Panini baseball card. Shame that there's no A's on the checklist... but there's a Tatis for my Padres collection.

    I wish MLB would end the monopoly and give Panini (and other card companies) the rights to use logos. If they did, it'd force Topps to invest in their "creativity" department.